Try, Try Again!

I was inspired to write this post because of two comments from teachers:

1. You have to be a scientist!
We had a substitute teacher a couple days ago. She told us we needed to be scientists, whenever something wasn't exactly how we wanted it to be, we needed to figure what went wrong and fix it!

2. Is that the best you have ever done?
A teacher asked us this after a seemingly simple combination. She told us to make every step a little better than the last.

These two ideas combined create an apt and successful student. I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and methods for putting these ideas into use!

Speaking of scientists! Scientific method is the process of observing, questioning, hypothesizing, predicting, and testing. This may seem complex, but in reality it is a rather natural train of thought. Take the scenario of a dancer who is trying to do a triple pirouette:
She gets around twice and hops the third. She starts by observing, she notices that she can spin around three times and she can hold her passé for 3 counts. She questions why, when she puts them together, does she hop the third? She hypothesizes that her knee bends on the third rotation. She predicts that thinking about pulling up on her knee and think of turning upward instead of around will help her finish her third rotation. She then tests our her theory!

Now it may take one round of scientific method to fix her turns or it may take 500 but keep trying! There is a reason that science is continually moving forward.

On the second score:  Was that the best you have ever done?
Admittedly, when we were asked this question we, honestly, replied no. Doing everything better than you did it the last moment is deceptively overwhelming. When trying out the mind set, you will find it forces you to stay in the moment and constantly realizing how you have improved and how to move forward!

I believe that these two ideas live in tandem. Think about it as pleasing both sides of your brain, Your right brain is emotionally satisfied with the encouragement and challenge of always doing better and your left brain is soothed by the logical, clear thinking of the scientific method.

As with all habits in life they do not come instantly, take heart in knowing that you will find success, if you stick with it. We often give up when success is just around the corner. Comment below with your observations!

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