I'm Back!

So, I've been gone for a while! I've had a fantastic summer full of intensives. I spent one week at Indiana University's Pre-College Ballet Summer Program and five weeks at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. After, I spent two weeks Arts Camp for Teens in Townsend Ma. My grandmother is currently visiting us! This summer has been crazy!  I want to share a little about my summer with you:

IU: it was a crazy week, and a great learning experience. We learned excerpts from Balanchine's Swan Lake and original choreography. We had a fantastic faculty and plenty of classes! (As well as a beautiful campus!) We had ballet, pointe and rehearsal every day, as well as rotating class in jazz, modern, health and music appreciation. I learned so much and have a better idea of what they are looking for. I feel much more prepared for auditioning there this fall!

What an amazing five weeks! I can't possibly say enough good about this program. We had so many classes and amazing faculty! Some of my favorites were Cynthia B., Melinda H., Susan V., Sara G., and Amy Y.
I had three roommates, and I was in Matthews dorm. Our RA's were the nicest people! I made many friends.
I also have scads of notes! What the teachers say is true: at CPYB you learn enough for a year! I was able to take a couple pritvate lessons, which was fabulous.

I loved my summer and I'm excited for the upcoming year. I will be taking tests, applying for college, and auditioning!

- Julia

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